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International award-winning Artist Stephanie MacKenzie, is a vibrant talent. Multiple layers,  brilliant colours and intricate designs unite through storytelling and blended archetypes bringing lush dimensions to her work.   



Immerse yourself into a high saturated universe with Artist Stephanie Mackenzie. Intense color and vivid brushstrokes are created through movement while listening to a range of music. Mackenzie uses the vibration of sound to submerge herself into her sub conscious and let her inner voice speak through each gestural movement. Using form, space and color to communicate an infinite number of patterns. Expressing her ideas by creating a visual language through her contemporary Art. Dive into the labyrinth of Mackenzie’s inner existence.


Creation of each piece requires MacKenzie to draw on all her traditional art studies of drawing, painting, design and sculpture, as well as her extensive computer skills. The process of producing each piece is complex. Models, costumes, lighting, set and storyboards are important elements in the early stages before digital technology is applied to create the final Arts. After being printed on canvas, MacKenzie’s original works are hand-embellished by adapting and using acrylic paint and gel mediums to create her multiple dimensional unique originals.


Her Art is gaining recognition & being collected on a global level & has been showcased for donation alongside His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, Sir Peter Blake CBE RDI, Pierce Brosnan OBE and Nick Park CBE for The Prince's Trust charity in London UK.  

With three suitcases and her camera by her side, Mackenzie got a one-way ticket from Toronto to the largest hot spot for Art leaving her family and friends behind to pursue her dream. Now residing in Paris, France, Stephanie is working internationally. Her award winning Art has been published, collected and showcased globally.   




2023 Galerie Maner, Pont-Aven, Bretagne, France


2023 Marciano Contemporary, Paris , France

2023 Marciano Contemporary & Galerie Maner, La Baule, Bretagne, France

2023 Galerie Maner, Pont-Aven, Bretagne, France

2022 Marciano Contemporary, Paris , France

2022 Galerie Maner in partnership with Mercedes-Benz, Quimper, Bretagne France

2022 Marciano Contemporary & Galerie Maner, La Baule, Bretagne, France

2022 Galerie Maner, Pont-Aven, Bretagne, France

2022 Galerie Maner, Quimper, Bretagne, France

2021 Galerie Maner, Pont-Aven, Bretagne, France

2021 Galerie Maner, Quimper, Bretagne, France

2021 Art En Balade, Paris, France

2021 The FLUX Review - V2 Exhibition Part 2, London, UK

2021 Pint Of Science, UK, Worldwide

2021 Galerie Etienne de Causans, Paris, France

2021 STAIY Atelier, Berlin,Germany

2021 L'Epicier, Paris, France

2020 Nuit Blanche - Le 100 Établissement Culturel Solidaire, Paris, France

2020 Galerie Thuillier, Paris, France

2020 Big Screen Plaza, New York, USA

2020 Le 100 Établissement Culturel Solidaire, Paris, France

2020 L'Epicier, Paris, France

2020 Gallery Different, Meals for The NHS, London, UK

2020 82eme Salon des Artistes, Normandy, France

2020 CRAC - Center in Romagna for Contemporary Art Research, Italy

2020 NY20+, China

2019 Silapix Art Space, Bangkok, Thailand

2018 Galerie Sonia Monti, Paris, France

2014 Darren Baker Gallery, London, UK

2014 Prince’s Trust, Castle Fine Art, Bruton Street, London, UK

2013 GX Gallery, London, UK

2013 Affordable Art Fair, London, UK

2012 The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK

2012 George Thornton Art, Nottingham, UK

2012 Artefact, London, UK

2012 New Artist Fair at Candid Galleries, London, UK

2011 George Thornton Art, Nottingham, UK

2011 Agora Gallery, New York, USA

2011 Untitled, London, UK

2011 Grand Marche D’Art Contemporain, Paris, France

2010 Perspective by D.S., Paris, France 

2010 A Forest Gallery, New York, USA


Les Amis Des Artists 

Prince's Trust

AWG Paris Charities

Meals For The NHS 


Salama Shield Foundation 

Love in Action 

Art of Awareness



2000 - 2003 Sheridan College - Applied Photography 

1999 - 2000 Sheridan College - Art Fundamentals

1998 - 1999 Centennial College - Art and Design Foundation Studies 



International Digital Photography Award

Ashtonbee Celebrating Success and Diversity Scholarship

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Artist Representatives :

Adresse : 2 Pl. des Vosges 4, 75004 Paris

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Téléphone : 01 84 83 44 44

Adresse : 26 Rue du Port, 29930 Pont-Aven

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Téléphone : 02 56 46 57 08

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