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This Artwork was inspired by the beauty of perfume. Putting it on during the first confinement allowed me to imagine the times where we could walk free and enjoy social interactions. Fun Fact - There is scientific evidence that proves perfume can stimulate the conscious mind as well as stabilize and modify our emotional state. 

Cette œuvre d'art a été inspirée par la beauté du parfum. Le fait de le mettre pendant le premier enfermement m'a permis d'imaginer les temps où nous pouvions marcher librement et profiter des interactions sociales. Fun Fact - Il existe des preuves scientifiques qui prouvent que le parfum peut stimuler l'esprit conscient ainsi que stabiliser et modifier notre état émotionnel. 


Secret SENSE - Limited Edition Silk Scarf

SKU: 2021001
  • Designed in Paris - Limited Edition of 30

    Printed on "Twill 18" 100% silk in UK

    Measures 120 cm x 120 cm - 47" x 47" inches 

    Hand-rolled, dimensions indicated may vary

    Comes with "Certificate of Authenticity" and the number of the reproduction

    Dry Clean Only (avoid storing in direct sunlight and spray pefume before wearing)

    Stephanie MacKenzie© exclusive design


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