Music is an important role in creating my abstract artwork. Sound and rhythm influences the shape, length and pressure I use to form each stroke. I listen to several different musicians and genres before making a selection that inspires an Art piece. The different styles evoke many unique combinations of emotions. With the perfect song, those emotions burst into my mind as colors and dance around until I place them on the canvas.

Secret SENSE - Limited Edition Silk Scarf

SKU: 2021001
  • Designed in Paris 

    Printed on "Twill 18" 100% silk in UK

    Measures 120 cm x 120 cm - 47" x 47" inches 

    Hand-rolled, dimensions indicated may vary

    Numbered limited pieces (only 35 ex.) 

    Comes with "Certificate of Authenticity" and the number of the reproduction

    Dry Clean Only (avoid storing in direct sunlight and spray pefume before wearing)

    Stephanie MacKenzie© exclusive design